I have a lot of feels about really strange things like art and greek mythology and dead, fictional French people, and I change my icon every couple of days. Queer and vocal.

My schedule is crazy busy right now, so I'm on as much as I can be, but not as much as I used to be.

amazing sidebar art credit

once was eeponine

musical dreamcast: The Scarlet Pimpernel (Wildhorn/Knighton)

"Every Judas once loved a Jesus."

David Thaxton as Sir Percy Blakeney
Laura Osnes as Marquerite St Just
Hadley Fraser as Citizen Chauvelin

Matt Doyle as Armand St Just | Zoë Doano as Marie Grosholtz | Christopher Jacobsen as Ozzy | George Miller as Farleigh | Eric Van Tielen as Dewhurst | Jamie Muscato as Elton | Martin Neely as BenJames Charlton as Hal

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    Actually just having a revival of any sort with anyone would be great. It doesn’t even need this awesome of a cast. The...
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    Okay, if I could get over anyone else but Terrance Mann as Chauvelin YES.
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