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thankyouforyourcooperation asked: “Emily, can you please teach me about the Friends of the ABC? I don’t know very much about them and I want to know more (and the idea of reading the brick is so daunting (even more daunting than the idea of talking to you)).”

oh gosh of course!! (and omgkjdgdjkhg you can always talk to me i’m very friendly i promise)

okay so:

enjolras is the leader. the brick calls him, “a charming young man, who was capable of being terrible.” he’s like ridiculously gorgeous and he’s very serious and expects a lot from the people around him. he is in no way a romantic, but he speaks very very passionately. he inspires people to follow him, so he’s obviously not completely harsh or cruel. his only love is the republic, but pretty much the only part of the entire brick that’s from his perspective — the little glimpse we get into his head — is this paragraph where he’s walking and he’s thinking about the rest of the group and how each of them brings something special and important to the cause and how important they all are. this is bordering on headcanon, but i always think he’s very tactile, like he communicates a lot through touch, and i mostly get this because the brick talks a lot about him touching people while he’s talking to them, like putting his hand on their arm or shoulder. also he gives the fandom a lot of feels omfg.

combeferre is kind of the second-in-command. the brick talks about how enjolras is the logic of the revolution and combeferre is the philosophy. so combeferre kind of rounds out enjolras. he’s softer gentler and he cares all about people. he’s also very very studious and smart and he’s about illumination rather than burning stuff down. he’s much less passionate than the others but that’s because he’s methodical. he also has some thing for moths which i still haven’t properly figured out?

courfeyrac finishes off the holy trinity of the revolution. the brick says that enjolras and combeferre are light, whereas courfeyrac is warmth. he’s super charismatic and charming and he’s a bit of a lady’s man, which in fandom is usually interpreted to mean he’s a bit of an everyone’s man. he’s certainly the most shippable of les amis. the brick also sort of compares him to a kitten which is just adorable. he’s the first one to really befriend marius and the only one to really maintain a friendship with marius. in fact, marius comes and sleeps on his floor for a while. basically, courf is delightfully delightful and perhaps a bit flighty but he carries a sword at the barricades and he’s a badass.

jean prouvaire (aka jehan) is a sUPER CUTIE. he’s the very definition of a romantic, he loves tending flowers, he’s very smart. he likes to contemplate really deep things and also things like clouds and stars and the brick says something about how his voice is usually delicate but can sometimes suddenly become very manly. it also says that above all, he’s good. pretty much everybody loves him, he’s considered one of the dearest and one of the bravest, and certainly his barricade death is one of the bravest of all. he’s kind of a little thing and he blushes a lot and he’s just a cutie okay, also he “dresses badly” which is usually agreed to mean he has his own really unique and bizarre sense of style but the others just go with it.

feuilly is like the only one who actually works for a living. he’s a fan-maker and an orphan and he works really really hard just to make ends meet but he also works hard to teach himself things. he cares so much about people, he cares about everyone, and more than any of the others, he thinks about and understands the importance of other countries in regard to france. he’s a little obsessed with poland in particular. he’s more serious than say courfeyrac but he’s not nearly as severe as enjolras. he’s great wow.

bahorel is the only one who’s entirely left out of the musical (i mean lesgles gets literally one line but at least he’s in it okay). he’s good natured and awesome. he talks a lot and sometimes he talks well, he also loves to get in fights and arguments and he’s very brave. he’s an eternal student and he doesn’t want to graduate. he also is the one of them who sort of bounces around other groups of revolutionaries and kind of connects them all. if i remember right, he’s the first to die in the barricades.

lesgle aka l’aigle aka bossuet is a super happy, super unluckly guy. he’s also bald. he basically has the worst luck ever and nothing lucky ever happens to him EVER but that’s okay with him and he’s happy anyhow. joly is his best friend and they end up living together and his relationship with joly becomes pretty much canon actually like somewhere in the brick it says something about them doing everything together including sleeping together and also they share everything including kind of joly’s mistress like okay guys wow we get it. but anyway, romantic or platonic, bossuet and joly love each other a lot a lot and they’re both really happy.

and since i’m already talking about joly, he’s a happy hypochondriac. he’s studying medicine but that’s really just making him more paranoid about his own health and he thinks he’s got every illness known to man. but other than that, he’s described as the happiest of them all. the others sometimes call him “jolllly” so he can “fly away on the four Ls” because the french for L and the french for wing sound very similar so it’s a PUN. he’s got a mistress called musichetta whom he’s crazy about and bossuet is his best friend.

AND FINALLY we’ve got grantaire, the sceptic and my bab. grantaire doesn’t believe in the revolution the way the others do. in fact, he doesn’t really believe in anything. WELL EXCEPT ENJOLRAS. he doesn’t think much of any of their ideas or revolution-y times, but he sticks around because he’s pretty much desperately in love with enjolras. he also loves all the rest of them and loves to hang around them, but enjolras is like the sun in his sky. he’s got a rather unhealthy obsession with the guy, in fact, especially since enjolras mostly finds grantaire quite irritating. and it’s because enjolras expects so much of people and grantaire expects nothing of himself, so he frustrates enjolras. grantaire drinks a lot and is pretty much a drunk most of the time and his only real joy is in hanging out with les amis especially when enjolras is around. he goes to the barricades not for progress or revolution, but for enjolras. and now i have feels skghjfk


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