I have a lot of feels about really strange things like art and greek mythology and dead, fictional French people, and I change my icon every couple of days. Queer and vocal.

My schedule is crazy busy right now, so I'm on as much as I can be, but not as much as I used to be.

amazing sidebar art credit

once was eeponine

it’s just

there are sunsets and sunrises and far away places and mountains that stretch higher than the clouds and cities shaped like bowls and beaches and forests and skyscrapers and there are breaths and steps to take and books that haven’t been written and laws that haven’t been passed and space that hasn’t been explored and there are people you haven’t met yet and friends you haven’t made yet and jokes you haven’t laughed at yet and fictional characters you haven’t cried over yet and in literally any moment of any day your life could change forever for the better and you should be here to see all of that, i want you to see it

you deserve to see it

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    Also, feeling depressed/suicidal doesn’t make you weak. Asking for help or needing to talk to someone because you feel...
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